Shipping Information

Handful of stonesTools can be shipped in USPS flat rate boxes, both in the US and internationally. Small stones can also be  fitted into these boxes if less than  12 x 5.5 x 12”. Stones up to 145 pounds can be sent via Fedex Ground. The least expensive shipping rate is by truck on a pallet. The cost by truck is the same for one or 500 pounds.

Shipping Rates

General charges are as follows:

USPS for tools:  $8 (small), $14 (medium), $19 (large)
USPS for stone: same plus $15 packing charge
Fedex Ground for tools: averages $0.90/pound
Fedex Gound for stone same plus $15 packing charge
Truck (pallet): varies greatly by area but averages $0.30-$0.45/pound
-NO Packing or materials charge for pallet shipments!
-CUTTING is charged at our cost. (~$20 for small stones)

 Estimates always provided on your order.
We may charge more for complex, small orders.