Finishing Products

Final Sanding

“Rouge” literally means red. Not so in the polishing business: it means fine abrasive. After sanding up to 600 (higher on darker stones) you may still want that deeper color and shine. “Rouge” may be the answer. This is a block or stick in white, black or green for light very dark and green/gray stones. Use a muslin wheel on a drill or die grinder to pick up some of the rouge. Then rub it on the stone in a small area: Pop – a colorful shiny finish. Rouge bars are 1# or larger. There are metal rouges and stone rouges. Use the correct type and avoid wasting a lot of time.

Green Rouge

White Rouge — $12
Green Rouge — $12
Black Rouge — $15
4” Muslin wheel w/ 1/4” arbor — $15

Tin oxide powder – 2 oz. $5

Tin Oxide

Can be mixed with water to create a paste. Then this paste can be rubbed over a  surface to get a very high sheen. (No poisonous oxalic acid.)

Polishing Paste – 1 pint for $25.

Polishing Potion

Polishing Paste is a magic brew of very fine abrasive and a mild (safer) acid. Buff it on a sanded surface to get a mirror finish.

(Read tips on chemical finishing)

Enhancing and Protective Chemicals

Tenax Wax (clear or black) – Non-yellowing wax that the Italians use. $16/$20


Apply wax in a small area at a time. Buff off fairly quickly and build up some heat by hand or with a wheel on a drill or die grinder.

Tenax Ager – Color enhancer $25/pint or $69/qt

This is a liquid silicon that fills in the micro-scratches. It must be applied to the unfinished, unwaxed stone. If the sculpture looks much better wet consider color enhancer. (Meaningless on white stone.)

Tenax Liquid Varnish –  A quick, protective coating makes stones shine. $39/liter

Tenax Liquid Wax – A quick wax; just apply and buff off. $19/quart

Prosoco Limestone and Marble Protector$45/quart

Prosoco Protector

An outdoor breathable sealer that resists moisture, stains and graffiti. Any coating for outdoor sculpture must be permeable or moisture clouds the inside of the sealer. From Lawrence, KS; a most breathable place.