Stone Sculpting Workshop

Hugh Littlebury discussing kinetics: moving stone sculptures

Around the first weekends in May and October we have a three day stone carving workshop in Lawrence, Kansas. It takes place at Myles’ studio. This picturesque “mountain” (everything is relative)  setting in the country is just outside historic Lawrence and an hour from Kansas City. This workshop is geared for beginners and intermediate carvers although all are welcome.

Jeff McKee’s abstract human form

These workshops also have an optional theme to challenge the artist. We have undertaken mixed media (e.g. glass, metal), enhancing the stone (e.g. lighting, kinetics, inlay) and focused techniques (e.g. abstract human form, hair and flowing forms). Experts are present to aid in implementing these themes. Who knows what we think of next…

Kevin Wilde claimed he was a beginner!

For a low fee to cover costs (generally $ 200. to $ 250. for the entire workshop) you are provided with all the materials, plenty of electric and air power, and lessons throughout the three days from several instructors. Since the workshop is limited to 45 attendees, there is plenty of personal assistance, if you want it.  Certainly, there is excellent companionship and sharing.

General Class Schedule

Friday Stone selection, carving ergonomics, and “roughing out”
Saturday Roughing, practice with hand and power tools, approaching details
Sunday Detail carving, finishing and polishing

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There are approximately three short classes per day on the above and other topics.

Meals and Accommodations

Chet early mask thmbWe have a “get together” dinner on Saturday night. You provide all other meals yourself which is easy as grocers and restaurants are 12 minutes away. There are several motels within 15 minutes of the studio. They are in the Super 8 price range. (A list can be provided  upon registration.)



Myles Schachter is a sculptor working in steel, bronze and stone. He has stone carving and metalworking training and teaches stone carving throughout the country.

Karl Ramberg is a sculptor and stone mason. He has skills in the finesse of hand lettering to the power of moving heavy stones.

Laura Ramberg works in a variety of media which certainly includes stone. She shares her creative “invention” with attentees helping in innovation and overcoming hurtles.

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Carl Berney sculpts and teaches in Santa Fe, New Mexico. He works in all kinds of stone and, for many years, he ran the Southwest Stone Carvers workshops.

Art Wells heads the stone sculpture dept. at the Dallas Creative Arts Center. He is an accomplished sculptor producing some of the most beautiful figurative and abstract pieces in the U.S.

Several other guest instructors will join us at various times



Just fill out our contact form or email us with your name and address. Mention the workshop and we will send you the next registration form or feel free to call us at (785) 838-3885. The brochures go out in February and August and the workshops fill very fast. (To be fair, there is no early registration.)