Black and White Marble

True Black Marble

True black marble is jet black. It can vary a little in hardness and brittleness and may have  some veining or small shells. Since the black is usually created by carbon, these marbles are more “chippy” than most. Most need to be worked predominantly with blades and grinders with the details done with rasps, small chisels and fine burrs. Since black shows every scratch it is necessary to finish these stone to a higher grit. There are tricks here like using black rouge and waxes to  hide those imperfections and get a deep, high polish.

Current Options:

Belgium Black: Considered one of the finest for being almost absolute black with an occasional thin white line. It is very hard to quarry and therefore is the highest of the blacks. The availability of this marble is declining as is our supply. $2.85/#

NEW – Atlantic Black: This European marble is very close to Belgium Black. It is jet black but has occasional white shells. Small and large pieces ring like a bell.  $ 1.90/#

Nero Marquina: A fine marble with more white lines. Carves nicely as it is a bit softer. $1.50/#

Medred Black: Maybe really a very, very dark gray but with very red inclusions about 2 to 6” wide. $1.50/#

Portoro: From an island off the Italian coast, Fino Extra with thin lines and gold is getting rare but we have a good supply. $1.90/#

Chinese: There are a couple of these which are similar to the Belgium but a little softer and less costly. $1.60/#

Sandalwood: Another Chinese marble which is black with gray lines (pinstripe suit). It is delicate along the lines but beautiful when finished. $1.25/#

Tennessee Imperial Black: The economical domestic choice. When high polished has some white lines and shells but definitely a black, black. $1.25/#

White Marble, White

First white thought- Carrara marble. There’s Statuario (“The Pieta”) which is an ivory white, very creamy to carve – and getting very hard to find at any price. There’s Carrara Bianco which is a cooler white. Michelangelo made these stones famous. However, based upon color and carveability, there are several other equally wonderful white marbles. Consider all for your sculpture-to-be.

Michelangelo Cave Statuario Puro:  This is the top of the line – ivory white, no bedding plane (carve in any direction),  rarely a vein, lots of translucency. This is very highly prized in Italy but we got some at a great rate. $2.25/#

Statuario: As good as the Puro but with some veining – carves like “butta.” $2.00/#

Carrara Bianco:  (“David” from the Fantiscritti Quarry) which is a cooler white with light, cloud-like veining and comes in grades (like “C”, “D”, “P” and many others). We carry the highest grade available. $1.50/#

Sivec: (Pronounced “Savech”) is from Macedonia and was the marble used by Hellenistic culture before Roman times. It is very white with few if any veins. It slightly softer than Carrara and carves very well. (Marmaro/μάρμαρο is shine or sparkle in Greek.) $1.50/#

Afyon: Comes from Turkey. It is very clear and has some translucency to it. It is harder than Carrara and allows for a very sharp edge. Sculptures in Afyon seem to glow. $1.50/#

Pearl: Also comes from Turkey. It is white with just a hint of purple in it – therefore the name “pearl.” It carves like Carrara and is a good no-vein choice. $1.50/#

Colorado Yule: A young marble formed over just 100 million years, carves easier than most marbles. The color is a neutral white and can be finished to look like freshly fallen snow – a nice glisten.  This is not the best for fine detail as it is so soft. It has occasional gray or gold veins. $1/#

Vermont: Also a slightly softer marble working easily with chisels. Sometimes there is a black vein buy many pieces are very white. $1.25/#