Marble, Travertine, Calcite and Onyx


These materials are all calcium carbonates. They vary in hardness from 3.0 to 4.5 on the MOH hardness scale (compared to 1.5 for alabaster). Nature provides us with a huge pallet of stone colors and patterns. Considerations beyond stone hardness are brittleness, the complexity of the pattern and the ability to take a sharp line or thin section. These may be liabilities OR they may be assets.   It is best for us to discuss the options for your project.

NOTE: See black and white marbles separately by clicking here.

Marble, Travertine and Onyx

Too many choices: $1.25 – $2.75/# (averaging $1.50/#)
Carrara: Statuario Puro (the best but limitied), Statuario with some veining, Bianco $2.25 / $2 / $1.50/#
Sivec Macedonia $1.60/#
Crema Espanol, Rojo Balboa, Campan, Persan trav. $1.50/#

Portuguese Pink, Nero Marquina, Bardiglio $1.50/#
Azzurro Acquarmina, Amarillo Negrais, Norwegian $1.50/#

Green, White, Honey, New: Red Multicolor Onyx $1.50/#
New and rare: Persian Pink Onyx $1.75/#
Special from 13,200’ in the Argentina mountains: Andes Blue Onyx $ 2.95/#
Argentina Banded Fluorite (a semi-precious stone) $ 3.50/#
New: Smeralda Green Onyx $1.75/#
Chinese and Atlantic Black, Belgium Black, Tennessee Imperial Black $1.60/# / $2.85/# / $ 1.25/#
Portoro $1.90/#

Honeycomb Calcite (hand selected, deepest color) $1.75/#